International Moves

International Moving’ s

Change your life abroad it must be stressful thing. But moving abroad with your personal belongings should not be. However with Global Alliance International you are in good hands, choose reliability, experience tranquility.
When you purchase service with Global Alliance International, you are trusting from the start in your decision, as it will ensure a process and high dedication and service as possible.            
As there is no specific situations that can happen and everything is not perfect control, such as bad weather, emergencies. We follow our own internal processes that allow us to select the best alternative with vast experience so there for you become familiar at point with our moving process that will assist you and know what to expect from us.
On the moving day our team of packers will disarm and pack all your household and personal effects, using high quality and standard packaging materials to ensure their final destination.
Provide special packaging for special items, portable closets for clothing, electronics fragile in reinforced boxes, inventories for client with labeling identification per packages, corporate ribbons, wrapping paper tableware, glassware, silverware paper, bubble plastic/Empol for ceramics, etc. Finally we proceed to load the appropriate container for the final international transport chosen by you, either by sea, land or air, our destination agent carefully will make sure to take care of your belongings, also agent will take care about customs clearance, finally door to door delivery, unpack, arming, so you can continue your normal life as it was at the beginning.
An International Relocation meets up several processes and services based on criteria and level of quality, coordination to ensure that’s your goods arrive undamaged, within the estimated time, and avoid surprises on the arrival.

Packing process is essential in Service:
Protect your assets wherever they are, poor packaging or lack of quality inevitably risking damage, loss and headaches. But on the contrary it is still not enough. There are many drawbacks to cover additional chain for service meets the standard of an international move, much of this string must be an optimal outcome before arriving safely at your new destination.

The obstacles are the following
Hiring reliable and secure suitable shipping company or airline service.
A good agent’s performance at destination must provide the same level of quality and reliability for the service delivery, unpacking for a client who immigrates to a country where they never lived probably before, it is important to feel an ally next to you so you can feel protected and confident.
International Removals have unexpected situations or events that complicate the normal process and progress of your international move, some works of nature, earthquakes, bad weather, strikes, terrorism attacks in  conflicts countries. It is understood that there is no control, guarantees, but the key to good service is to maintain good communication, timely and clear.

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