Domestic moves

Domestic moves

Local moves are more commonly performed services made by trucks owners in Chile, levels of professionalism are diverse in all aspects, companies ranging from a basic service to the more complex moves and high standards in quality.

Customer must verify through an estimate what is it you really need, what is your local move company is really offering, and the most importantly, what are your expectations from the contracted moving service.

Professional Movers

There are several reasons to choose professional movers over do-it-yourself moving, not the least of which is the fact that professional moving companies can save you lots of effort, time, and hassle/stress. If you are moving a 3-bedroom house clear across Chile, you might want to consider going with professional movers. While it may appear that hiring full-service movers is more expensive, you might want to also take into account that doing it yourself may require you to miss important activities. Hiring professional movers will free you of the hassles of planning, packing, loading, unloading, and thus allowing you to concentrate on the more important issues on hand such as making sure you and your family settles comfortably in your new home address.

It is also important to remember that your personal belongings are important to you, regardless of their worth. While you may take every precaution in packing and loading your furniture and fragile items, you are not nearly as skilled and experienced in these as professional movers. These movers do this for a living and are quite skilled in handling your personal belongings. Should something happen to your items, the professional movers will be responsible. However, if you should damage your items while moving yourself, you have no alternative recourse.

 Are your belongings important to you or it doesn t matter, are precious things, high-value thing, think about it , take insurance, be aware of the importance of the insurance of your move, take the time to choose your global local move company, remember  service means quality, standards, performance, dedication assistance, global solutions. Don t choose price, don t choose service choose both at Global Alliance National Movers that means your satisfaction will be global complete.

 A prestigious and global service company will always offer you quality standards together with insurance requirements, all these service decisions are important. Do not underestimate the significance of economic terms, carefully study the budgets.
Many people ask them self, why use professional local movers one of the first considerations is cost-efficiency. Although moving truck rentals may seem more economical than a professional local moving company, once all the extra costs have been considered, it may not be the cheapest option. You may also think that doing it yourself is the best option. However, after all factors are considered, hiring a professional local moving company may be a cost-effective solution.

Choosing a local mover over a do-it-yourself move can save you time and energy and maybe money - even when moving a short distance. Learn more about why you should consider professional local movers.

Local Moving Company Benefits

Professional processes

Inform yourself on the move process with an outline from your local moving company of choice. Learn about the entire local move process, from the pre-move planning where you will choose your local moving services to the arrival day where we will unload and unpack your belongings. By knowing the move process, you can enjoy relocation from your local moving company.

Commitment to quality

Discover the quality measures we take as your local movers, ensuring a first class move where every detail is managed and every question is answered.

Moving and storage

Sometimes, even local moving services must include storage. Although you may be relocating a short distance, storage may still be needed - whether it is for a few extra boxes of summer clothes or an entire furniture set. Local movers have many storage options as part of their local moving services.

Protection for your belongings

Learn about basic protection and maximum protection for your goods during a move, here you have another reason to make our company your local moving service of choice, Global Alliance International Movers Chile SA, have an entire team to support you throughout your household moving experience. Our training emphasizes a personalized approach, respect, care and attention to detail. Every employee is committed to doing whatever it takes to make your move right.

An overview of your household move preparation:

Your Relocation consultant is responsible for your moving needs, explaining all your moving service options, and accurately estimating your costs. Your home will be fully surveyed for items that will be moved, and the Relocation will alert you to items that are not allowed transportation or have special requirements.

Packing and Loading

Our local staff does more than packing, loading and driving trucks they are professional movers in charge in all aspect of physically moving your belongings   
This includes:

  • Using protective coverings to protect your household items
  • Preparing a detailed packing list of items
  • Labeling all moving boxes and each piece of furniture with coded stickers to account for every one
  • Loading your packed and inventoried moving boxes and items into the truck
  • Providing a Salvoconducto authorizing transport of your possessions
  • Finally and safely transport and delivering your belongings to your new address
  • You must be present at the loading time or you'll need to arrange for a responsible person to act as your agent in signing finally the packing list.



  • Your crew leader will prepare a detailed packing list of the items you are moving or bill of lading plus the salvoconducto
  • In addition to tagging every individual carton or piece of furniture with numbered and content,
  • Our crew leader will record each item and a description of any existing damage on the inventory form or packing list.
  • You should accompany the crew leader as they prepare the packing list or bill of lading, pointing out any special concerns or handling considerations along the way to your new home address.
  • You'll be asked to sign the packing list or bill of lading, as your acknowledgment that the pieces indicated were loaded and as verification of their condition prior to moving.
  • Then, the leader will sign the form as well and present you with a copy. Keep this inventory with you for use at your new home.
  • The crew leader also will ask you to sign the packing list or bill of lading. This is the contract by which you authorize our truck to transport your possessions and agree to pay for those moving services.
  • The packing list and the salvoconducto serves to confirm the moving services performed, pickup and delivery your households and permit the truck driver to go ahead with the plan that you've selected with Global Alliance International Movers.

Delivery of Your Possessions

  • It's extremely important for you to contact your move coordinator as soon as you arrive in your new home address so that final moving arrangements can be made.
  • The Driver or the crew leader will contact you prior to the expected arrival time of the moving truck to confirm delivery arrangements.
  • When your service truck arrives, you can help expedite the unloading process by having a room-by-room floor plan in mind.
  • Let the crew leader and professional movers know where you want moving boxes and other items placed as they're unloaded and brought into your home.
  • Our professional global moving team will reassemble any items they disassembled at origin.
  •  You should check items off the Customer packing list as they're brought in, noting their condition.
  • If an item appears to have been damaged while moving or is missing, make a note on the final report and the packing list inventory including the crew leader's copies and notify your Global relocation Adviser.

Payment process

  • Unless approved billing or credit arrangements have been made in advance with our sales manager, the crew leader will collect the payment for your household move services before they unload the truck
  • If the down payment is not done, the truck can be unloaded.
  • If your shipment is placed in storage, charges up to that point are due at that time. Payment must be made in cash or electronic bank transfer. Many agents also accept credit cards.
  • Personal checks are not accepted without prior verification A copy of the packing list and the salvoconducto sign plus your invoice will be your receipt.


  • If you have requested and paid for unpacking with your moving services, your sales relocation agent or Coordinator will arrange to unpack moving boxes at the time of delivery and will remove used packing materials and moving supplies.
  • If you choose to unpack your cartons and households yourself, you'll be responsible for the return and disposing of empty moving boxes, moving supplies and other used materials.